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Open Technology Source Inc. Is an Independent, Non-Franchised, Distributor with a large network of suppliers spanning the World. Our around the clock operation in combination with our worldwide purchasing capabilities provides us with the flexibility to react quickly to meet your component needs.

We are a large volume buyer of discrete and passive components from distributors and OEMs worldwide.  We are a full line distributor that has the ability  to service all of your electronic components needs.

Use Open Technology Source, Inc. as an extension of your own buying capabilities.  With decades of combined experience in all the facets of the Commercial, Industrial and Military Electronics Industries, OTS is committed to bring an unmatched level of honesty and integrity to our customers.

You may well argue that you know of as many sources as we do but if you ask us to locate an item, then you only have to make one call to OTS.  Or if you decide to search yourself, then you are into traversing the masses of untested potential suppliers and brokers with all the associated risks and time-consuming headaches.  Additionally, we have also shown on many occasions that not only we can locate that hard to pin down product but also deliver it at a price below that accessible but the intermittent purchaser in both the United States and overseas market.



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